Concierge in Enterprise & Private Concierge

EcoTime Factory provides a range of assistance programs to satisfy all needs for companies, employees and private groups. Prices vary according to the availability and means of contact provided to the customer.

Concierge in enterprise

Get in touch to receive a tailored offer that fits the number of employees in your company, your location and availability!


  • On line
    Support by email
    Support or an answer within 24 working hours
  • On site
    Attendance in the company
    Direct support or an answer within 24h
  • Privilege – VIP
    Direct contact by phone or email
    An answer within a day

Private concierge

Contact us to receive a tailored offer that will match your delivery location (private or professional) and your subscription plan!


  • On line
    Support by email
    An answer or a quote within 24 working hours
  • Privilege – VIP
    Direct personal contact by cell-phone or email
    An answer the same day